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About For the Rascals

What we want to do for you?

Our site is there for you, Mommy and Daddy. Raising babies is HARD. Running to the shop with your sweatpants on is frowned upon. Looking for strollers when you are large as a whale and your feet ache is not recommended.

For The Rascals wants to make it easier for you to give your little bundle of joy the best of everything whilst not having to leave your house.

Who are we?

We live in Pretoria, South Africa. We got married in February 2006 and by January 2008 our first beautiful daughter was born. We called her Elise. Elise is the shy “artsy” child. She is also becoming a teenager now. More on that as the matter progresses.

In March 2011 Tiana was born. She is the witty child in the house. Boy, can we laugh and the things she says…

When they were born i wasn’t really into online shopping. I did not trust it and i really wasn’t very familiar in knowing when to trust a situation. We went to the shops. If I think back to those days the most prominent emotion I can remember was overwhelm and exhaustion!

Over the years however I discovered that i LOVE to shop online. I would literally not buy something in a shop if I can do it online. True story.

Now I want to make it easier for YOU. I know what works and what doesn’t work and I absolutely love picking it out just for you.

So go ahead. Spend some time. Browse. You will find everything you need and we will be here to get it to you without hassle.

You are so welcome in our store.

Happy Shopping!

All my love,


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